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Long Drive #2

"Ahh..I gotta use the bathroom.", Jesse said.

Jesse wasn't sure why he didn't just say he needed to leave. That's what he should have said. Instead, all he could get out was he needed to use the toilet. At least it would get him out of the locked room.

"Maybe later.", the guy laying naked on the bed said.

Jesse wasn't sure what to say. He felt a shiver go through his body. The room felt cooler than it had before. He realized that his cock was still hard and put his hands over his crotch. Jesse was starting to feel nervous.

"Look...", Jesse started nervously, "I appreciate you helping me out last night but people are going to start looking for me and I gotta get outta here."

The man on the bed swung his legs off the bed and sat up.

"That was the night before last. You've been here for over 24 hours.", the man said.

Jesse was confused and realized he must have been completely exhausted.

"I towed your car back here yesterday. It's a complete write off", the man said as he sat on the side of the bed watching Jesse.

He stood up and Jesse found himself taking a step back. He stood with his back against the door. Jesse realized the guy was even bigger than he thought. The man in front of him stood at least 6'3" and from what Jesse could see rock hard muscle.

"I...I...gotta get going. People will be wondering what happened to me.", Jesse stuttered.

"Snowstorm.", the man said pointing to a small window.

Jesse could see snow coming down heavily.

"You couldn't make it very far today. The roads are all closed.", the man said as he stretched.

Jesse watched as the man's arms raised above his head and his muscles tensed as he stretched. His biceps looked bigger than Jesse's thighs.

"I n-need to use your phone then. There are people that will be worried about me.", Jesse said.

"No phone....any other questions?", the man said smirking.

Jesse was scared but he was getting pissed off too.

"Yeah where are my clothes???", Jesse asked.

The man bent over reaching under the mattress. Jesse could not help but look at the guy's ass as he bent over. Jesse sawa rock hard ass covered lightly with dark fur.

The man took a key out from under the mattress.

"I've got something for you to wear downstairs.", the man said as he reached past Jesse unlocking the door.

Jesse stepped away from the door not wanting to be too close. As he squeezed between the wall and the man his cock pressed against the man's thigh.

The man shifted. He leaned his weight against Jesse and Jesse was trapped between the wall and the side of the man's body. Jesse's hard cock pressed against the man's thigh.

It lasted for only a second or two but Jesse felt weak and helpless. The man unlocked the door and opened it. His weight shifted off Jesse and he stepped forward.

"Clothes are this way.", the man said.

Jesse followed the furry jock unable to take his eyes off the muscular body in front of him. The jock stopped when they arrived in the kitchen.

"Hungry?", the man asked.

"Yeah. But I want my clothes first.", Jesse said with his hands still covering his hard cock.

"Oh yeah..", the jock said pointing to the kitchen table, "Wear those."

Jesse looked and saw the white briefs he had worn when he arrived.

Jesse grabbed them and pulled them on. His hard cock clearly visible under the tight thin fabric.

"Okay, so where's the rest of my clothes?", Jesse demanded.

Without warning the man turned around and slapped Jesse's face. Jesse almost fell over. The slap surprised him more than hurt but he was still feeling a bit woozy. He felt hands under his arms. Strong hands against his armpits. He felt his feet leave the floor as he was raised in the air and sat on the kitchen counter. He found himself looking directly at the man's face. They were eye to eye and just inches apart.

"You've got an attitude for a guy for a guy who was begging for my help.", the man said loudly.

Jesse was scared and wasn't sure what to say. He lowered his eyes looking at the man's chest.

"Are you listening to me?", the man said sternly.

The man slapped him again. This time the slap was harder. Hard enough to bring tears to his eyes.

Jesse started to speak when he felt another hard slap on his face.

"Look at me when I talk to you!", the man said.

Jesse looked up at the man feeling helpless and confused.

"Sit there and don't move.", the man said as he walked out of the room.

Jesse sat there for a few seconds breathing deeply wondering what he should do. The idea of running crossed his mind. He hopped off the counter. Then he paused. He knew he would have to find his clothes first. Before he could decide what to do the man walked back in. He was now wearing jeans and a tee shirt. As the man walked towards him Jesse backed up until his back was against the wall. Jesse knew he was trapped. The man walked slowly towards him. When he was about three feet away Jesse bolted. With his hands he pushed himself off the wall and rushed forward trying to slip past the man coming towards him.

The man moved quickly stepping in front of him. Jess saw it happen as if he was moving in slow motion but he couldn't stop. He hit the man's chest hard. He bounced off the man's chest and stumbled backwards. Actually, he was falling backwards but his back hit the wall. He tried to catch his breath.

The man grabbed his arm and pulled him forward with his other hand he pulled the briefs down to Jesse' ankles before he knew what was happening. him He pointed to a chair at the kitchen table.

"Sit down.", the man said.

Jesse stumbled forward past the man towards the chair.

He heard the man's hand slap his ass before he felt it. It sounded like a firecracker as healmost fell forward. Then his ass was stinging. It brought tears to his eyes.

"Hurry up.", was all the man said.

Jesse quickly move his bare ass onto the cold chair. It hurt but also soothed his stinging ass a bit.

Jesse watched as the man went to the refrigerator and poured a large glass of orange juice. The man placed the juice in front of Jesse and then stood behind him with his hands on Jesse's bare and shaking shoulders.

"Drink your juice.", the man said.

With the man's hands on his shoulders he was feeling even more helpless. He was thirsty and took a few sips of the juice.

"That's right.", the man said, patting his shoulder, "Drink it all up."

Not wanting to piss the guy off Jesse quickly drank the juice.

The man patted his head, "That should calm you down a bit."

Jesse realized it was true. He felt a little more relaxed.

"Wh-What was in that?", Jesse asked.

Jesse felt one of the man's hands slide down to his chest holding him back in the chair.

"Nothing much, just something to help you relax and something else to keep you hard.", the man said.

For the first time Jesse realized his cock had been rock hard since he had been awake. Jesse felt the man's hand move down his chest over his stomach. Jesse hands moved to stop the hand from exploring his body any further. He tightly held the man's wrist with both hands.

He felt the man's fingertip slowly explore his belly button.

Jesse felt a bit stoned but still fully awake and he held the man's wrist tightly.

"No.", Jesse said.

Jesse realized he must have been pretty stoned cause as he had been focussed on keeping the hand from going any further the man hand leaned in close behind him and reached down with his other hand. The man's other hand was wrapped around his cock.

Jesse was breathing a little heavier. He tried to push the hand away.

"You're a horny boy.", the man whsipered in his ear as he started roughly stroking Jesse's cock.

Jesse couldn't speak. He didn't know what to say. He was horny as hell and his cock felt good but he didn't like the fact that he was being jerked off against his will while sitting at a kitchen table of a guy he didn't know.

The man was now stroking his cock faster and the fingers of his other hand played with one of Jesse's nipples.

"Please don't...", Jesse moaned.

Precum flowed from Jesse's cock lubricating the man's hand.

He started pumping Jesse's cock hard and fast. Involuntarily Jesse moved his hips fucking the man's hand. Jesse heard himself moan.

"Okay then.", the man said

Jesse felt the man's hand release his cock. Jesse was breathing heavily. He was close to cumming. He started stroking his own cock without thinking about what he was doing or the situation he was in.

He felt the man's hands under his armpits lifting him out of the chair.

"Stand up little guy.", the man said as he lifted him out of the chair.

Jesse stood and found himeself turned around to face the man.

The man smiled looking down at Jesse.

"You can stroke your cock if you want now. Give me a show little guy. Make that boy cock of your's squirt.", the man said.

Jesse's face reddened. He was definitely horny and he wasn't usually shy but this was not like any other situation he had ever been in. He was used to being in charge but now he had lost all control.

Unconsciously Jesse covered his crotch with both hands.

Jesse cleared his throat and spoke in the deepest voice he could.

"Look man, I'm not interested okay? I just wanna leave.", Jesse said in a loud voice.

The man reached down with one hand and pushed Jesse's hands away from his crotch easily.

"Looks like you're pretty damn interested.", the man said.

Jesse started to speak wanting to tell the guy to fuck off but he didn't get the chance.

The man slapped his face hard enough to bring tears to his eyes.

Jesse yelped.

The man grabbed Jesse's cock and held it tightly. Jesse felt a spurt of precum shoot from his cock.

"Horny little fucker.", the man mumbled, "Just need to be taught to behave."

Jesse tried to push the man's hand away from his cock. Instead of being able to move the hand holding his cock the only thing that happened was the man tightened his grip.

Jesse moaned.

"What are you going to do now kid?", the man asked.

Jesse's thought his cock was going to explode. He was confused. He was horny as hell and scared. He could't think.

"I...I...just....want my clothes", Jesse said tearfully.

"I'm going to let go of your cock. Get your briefs on and in the chair quietly.", the man said.

When the man released his cock Jesse was shaking but he scrambled over to the pair of briefs on the floor and grabbed them. He slipped them on and sat down quietly.

For the next fifteen minutes Jesse sat there quietly. He watched as the man made himself breakfast and then sat down across from him and ate it.

When the man finished he looked at Jesse, "Pour me a coffee.", pointing to the pot on the counter.

Jesse stood shakily and went to the counter. He poured coffee into the mug that was there.

"Wh-what do you...", Jesse started.

"I want it black. Bring it here.", the man said.

Shakily Jesse brought the mug to the table surprising himself when he didn't spill any.

"Good boy, now stand right there.", the man said.

Jesse stood quietly as the man sipped the coffee. Jesse wondered what was in the orange juice that he drank. He was feeling more relaxed. Too relaxed given what was happening to him. He had to think of some way of getting out of here but couldn't concentrate. Instead he found himself glancing down at the large bulge in the man's jeans occassionally. Jesse was horny as hell. His cock was hard in his briefs and precum was leaking out leaving a wet spot on the pouch.

The man put down his coffee and turned to Jesse.

"Looks like your pretty horny kid.", the man said.

"J-just gotta piss.", Jesse muttered knowing that it was clear he was lying.

The man laughed, "I think you just wanna be in the bathroom alone and jerk off that boy cock of yours."

Jesse' face reddened. Even though he was being kept prisoner by this guy the thought of being alone and jerking off had crossed his mind. He didn't know what to say so he stood quietly looking at the floor.

"Follow me. I'll show you the bathroom.", the man said walking away.

Jesse followed the man and although he tried he couldn't keep himself from glancing at the man's jeans clad ass as he followed.

"Go ahead.", the man said.

Jesse realized the man wasn't going to leave.

"I-I din't think I can..", Jesse said.

The man shrugged as he stood in front of the toilet, "Maybe later but I gotta piss."

Jesse watched the man undo his jeans. Jesse knew he should look away and show the man he had no interest but he didn't. He watched as the man unzipped. Jesse could see the man wasn't wearing underwear under the jeans. Jesse was almost hypnotized as the man's cock popped out. The cock was big. It was semi-hard and at least 7" and thick. The man didn't hold the cock as he pissed.

Jesse watched the pisss flow out of the cock into the bowl until the flow began to slow.

"Wanna shake it off for me?", the man said.

Jesse realized the man was watching him as he watched the cock. He stood there silently as he watched the man shake off the cock and tuck it back in his jeans and zip up.

The man led him into the living room. He stood close to Jesse looking down at him. Jesse looked up and couldn't hold the man's gaze. Jesse looked away and was about to step back. The man reached down and held him by his nipple rings and tugged a bit. Jesse moaned and grabbed the man's wrists instinctively trying to stop the pain being inflicted on his nipples. His hands did not reach the full way around the man's wrists and as he grabbed them the man twisted his nipple rings. It felt as if the rings were about to be torn out of his nipples.

Jesse held the man's wrists tightly and moaned again as tears welled up in his eyes. Precum oozed from his cock.

"You remember where the bedroom is boy?", the man asked tugging on Jesse' tits.

Jesse yelped but nodded.

"When I let go of your tits get your ass up there and get in bed. Do it fast or I'll drag you there by your tits. Understand?"

Jess winced but nodded.

When the man released his tits Jesse didn't wait. He headed for the stairs and went into the bedroom. Jesse was exhausted in every way and as soon as he got to the bedroom he lay on the bed and forced himself to stay awake. After a few minutes he heard the man coming upstairs and got in the bed. He pulled the blankets over himself.

The man got into the room and immediately yanked all the covers off the bed. Jesse looked up and watched as the big man slowly stripped off his jeans and t-shirt.

He stood there naked watching Jesse. His cock was hard. Jesse didn't know how big it was but figured it was nine or ten inches and thick. Fur covered his chest, abs, crotch and legs. Jesse knew he was helpless.

The man reached down and grabbed Jesse' ankle. Before he could react his leg was yanked in the air and the briefs pulled off him. Then the man released his leg. It happened so fast Jesse had no time to react.

"In my bedroom you don't wear clothes.", the man said.

Jesse tried to scoot his ass across the bed and get further away but the man grabbed his ankle again. Jesse felt himself dragged across the bed ass up by his ankle. A hand slapped his ass hard. Jesse heard it before he felt it and then his ass stung.

A hand reached between his legs and grabbed his balls and held him. It wasn't a tight grip on his balls but they were tender and cum filled. He felt the ache through his whole body.

"Ass in the air.", the voice said and there was a tug on his balls

With his head still on the bed Jesse raised his ass. The hand on his balls kept tugging and forcing his ass higher until he was kneeling with his face on the bed.

"Please...don't. ..", Jesse mumbled as he felt something cold and wet touch his hole.

"Shut up boy. I'm lubing your ass. One more word and I'll fuck you without lube.", he said.

I slick finger forced itself into Jesse' tight ass. Jesse grunted and tried to relax.

With one hand still holding his balls the man slowly explored his ass with one finger. Jesse was breathing deeply as the man slowly finger fucked him and forced another finger into his ass.

"Nice ass boy.", was all the man said as slowly pumped the fingers in and out of Jesse' ass.

When the third finger went into his ass it hurt like hell. Jesse' cock fripped precum onto the sheets.

Finally, when Jesse thought he wouldn't be able to handle anymore the fingers were pulled from his ass.

He felt the big cock head press against his hole. Jesse whimpered and forced his face into the bed as the cock entered him. A hand slapped his ass.

"Relax that ass for me boy.", the voice said and he felt another hard slap on his ass.

"Fuck...", Jesse moaned. His ass hurt like hell but the cock in his ass had also found a sensitive area. Jesse's cock almost exploded.

The cock pulled out of his ass and then suddenly drove in again.

Jesse' cock exploded. Jesse's whole body tensed as his cum spurted out on the bed. The man tugged at Jesse's balls and moved his cock faster in and out of Jesse' ass.

Jesse felt stream after stream of cum squirt from his cock and the man cock in his ass seemed to be squeezing it out of him. He was finally spent and shaking but the cock kept fucking his ass and demand his attention. It drove him crazy. Jesse had never been able to handle having his cock touched after he had cum and now he knew having his ass fucked after he had cum was the same. He could only describe the experience as sensation overload. Unable to stop the cock from fucking and probing his ass but feeling completely spent he shook and squirmed but the hand on his balls kept his ass immobilized. He moaned and swore with his head buried in the sheets.

The pace of the fucking increased he thought he heard another moan but couldn't be sure.

"Fuck yeah..", he heard himself moaning as he felt the cock explode in his ass and fill him with hot cum.

The man had spent his load in him and Jesse felt the cock slide out and his balls released. Jesse collapsed on the bed lying in his own load that he had spent under him. Through a haze Jesse heard a voice....

"Fuck yeah boy. Good time you'll take my whole cock in you."

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