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Old Friends Part IV

"You can't handle having your cock touched after you cum can you?", Phil asked.

Jake shook his head again. He didn't want Phil stroking his cock right now.

Phil smiled, "You've got one chance then. Suck my cock.", Phil said shifting his hips so his cock was close to the jock's face.

"Come on man, I've had enough.", Jake whined. He wasn't feeling horny anymore. His ass was sore and he was spent.

"Okay then. I'm going to let you rest for half an hour. Maybe then you'll feel differently.", Phil said getting off the jock.

Phil opened a drawer and pulled out a small box. He put it beside the bed.

Jake couldn't see exactly what Phil was doing but he felt him put something over his cock and balls. He squirmed as Phil roughly tugged at his cock and balls.

"What are you doing to me man?", Jake asked.

"I just put a steel cock ring around your cock and balls. I don't want you cumming again till I decide. This should keep you hard.", Phil said.

Jake could feel the cold ring around his cock and balls. His cock was mostly soft now and the ring was a bit snug but not uncomfortable.

Then Jake felt something taped onto his sensitive cock. He squirmed uselessly trying to avoid Phil's touch.

"What's that? What did you put on my cock?", Jake asked nervously.

"Something to motivate you Jake.", Phil smiled and turned on the TENS machine.

The jolt through Jake's cock seemed to lift him off the bed. It didn't hurt exactly. It felt like a little shock that went from the base of his balls to the tip.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck", was all Jake could say.

Phil picked up some duct tape and tore off a strip. He taped Jake's mouth shut before Jake knew what was happening.

"I'll be back in a few minutes Jake.", Phil said as he left the room.

Jake went and grabbed a beer from the fridge. Even in the kitchen he could hear the jock's muffled moans. He wasn't in a rush and stood in the kitchen naked sipping the beer. He wondered how long it would take to break the jock. Sure he'd fucked him but he could tell that Jake had a submissive side waiting to come out. Phil knew that he had to be patient and he thought, smiling to himself, getting there was half the fun.

He finished the beer slowly and returned to the room after about 15 minutes. Jake was still lying there but his cock was rock hard again. Phil walked over and turned off the TENS. He removed the electrode from Jake's cock as Jake watched him. He heard Jake breath a sigh of relief.

"Don't get too comfortable big guy.", Phil said as he as he slowly stroked the jock's cock.

Jake lay there horny as hell. He wasn't as sensitive as he had been and Phil's hand on his cock felt great. The steel cock ring around his cock and balls was tight but the tightness made him hornier. Seeing Phil standing there naked beside him stroking his cock made him horny too. Hell, knowing Phil could do whatever he want made his cock leak precum. He wondered if Phil was going to fuck him again. He wanted Phil's cock inside him but his ass was really sore still. Phil was stroking his cock a little faster.

"I want you to cum for me. Think you can handle that?", Phil asked.

Jake nodded nervously. Sure he could cum. He wanted to cum. But he also knew it wouldn't end with that.

Phil stood there silently for the next few minutes stroking the jock boy's cock until he could see the jock was getting close. Phil decided to try something.

"Come on boy. Big jock can't blow his load without a cock in his ass?", Phil said stroking the jock's cock as fast as he could and gently slapping his balls.

Jake's face reddened and he squirmed every time his balls were slapped but thirty seconds later he blew his load onto his stomach and chest.

Phil released his cock, "Now pretty soon I'm going to untie you boy. At that point you can leave or stay but if you stay you're going to submit and if you don't I'm going to be harder on you."

Phil hooked the TENS back onto Jake's cock and turned it on. Phil could see his cock was even more sensitive than before as Jake struggled wildly.

Phil left the room and took a shower. He put on a t-shirt, jock and jeans. Twenty minutes later he returned to see Jake was hard again. He turned off the TENS and uncuffed Jake's wrists and ankles. Jake lay there stretching his arms and legs slowly as Phil tore the duct tape off his mouth.

"Ready to go home boy?", Phil asked.

Jake lay there silently in the bed still stretching. After a few seconds Jake quietly said, "No."

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